Extra Virgin Olive Oil Pruna

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Pruna (Oliva Pruna) from Sierra de Sevilla, Spain. 100% dry farmed, making it the best olive oil in the world. Our olive oil comes from olives harvested during their optimal ripening time, which gives it a delicate taste and aroma reminiscent of fresh and healthy fruit.

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Available in several containers:

  • 50 cl PET
  • 75 cl glass bottle
  • 1 liter PET
  • 2 liters PET
  • 3 liters aluminum tin

Our superior-grade olive oil is cultivated from olives purely by non-irrigated techniques.

3 reasons to choose Oliva Pruna:

  1. Our olives are grown on 3000 hectares of an enclave whose soil, climate and variety allow this long-living olive grove to produce exceptional products.
  2. The commitment of its famers and demanding quality controls from field to the consumer’s hands make this olive oil stand out from the rest.
  3. Oliva Pruna offers various formats and careful packaging to satisfy our customers needs while maintaining its authentic taste.

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