Leo Honey


Leo Honeyis exclusively from Asturias and was carefully selected by LMA Asturias Consulting SL.
Our 5 different types of honey are:

  1. Leo Honey Premium
  2. Leo Honey Calluna
  3. Leo Honey Multi-Floral
  4. Leo Honey Forest
  5. Leo Honey Eucalyptus


These products are available in the formats of 250 gr., 500 gr. and 1 kg.

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Leo Honey
Olaya miel ( Liquida y Crema )

Olaya Miel

Liquid Mono-Floral Honey

Honey with penetrating scents and intense flavors which aid in various health issues:

Eucalyptus (respiratory problems)

Chestnut (blood circulation)

Heather (heart problems)


Creamy Mono-Floral Honey

Crystallized honey tends to harden at low temperatures, however, this is a smooth and creamy honey that maintains all its properties without losing its aroma and flavor.



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Oscos Honey

Oscos Honey

Honey coming from the mountaintops of Oscos, Asturias, Spain

A honey mainly consisting of heather, occasional hints of chestnut and eucalyptus can be found.

Since the area of work of the bees, is usually very extensive.

This intense honey is always pleasant on the palate.



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