Rey Silo Cow’s Milk Cheese

The cheese of the Chefs

Firm, surface-ripened, raw, whole cow’s milk cheese. Aged 3-5 months in cellars on bank of the Nalon River, Asturias, Spain. Chalky white paste is both dense and creamy. This revived ancient cheese has an intense flavor – fresh milk and butter, with a toasted hazelnut aftertaste. Pair with hard cider or sparkling wine.

The cheese King Silo of Pravia, receive the Donostia award for the best cheese made with raw milk.
The Asturian product receives the award after having been included among the fifty best in the world in the festival that is celebrated in San Sebastián.

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Cheese Peral

Original Asturias pasteurized blue cheese made of 100% cow’s milk.

This straw-colored cheese is made of pasteurized cow’s milk. After the milk ferments, select molds give it its characteristic bluish tint.

Lightly spicy and salted.

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Pear Cheese Cream

Jar of approximately 200 gr..

Original Asturias cream cheese made of 100% cow’s milk

Our cream cheese is made from crushed Estrella La Peral cheese and is perfect for preparing sauces.

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