This weekend LMA Asturias will attend the Swiss fair called Foire de Chaindon, where they will present their products, for those who do not know this fair, which is the main event of the town of Reconvilier, making the number of visitors of the town reach the surprising figure of 50,000 people, when in this town usually live about 2,500.

When is the Foire de Chaindon?

The fair takes place on the first Monday of September, in this year 2017 corresponds to the days 3 and 4 of September.

History of the Foire de Chaindon

The fair emerges in the Middle Ages as an equine fair where horses came from all over to be exposed, arriving. The only document that certifies that the fair emerged at that time is in the city of Delémont, which reported it in 1632. Until the middle of the 20th century, horses from all over France, Holland, Alsace and all Switzerland reaching the figure of 3,000 horses. Since 2004 Foire de Chaindon has become a popular fair attracting approximately 35,000 people on average.