LMA Hong Kong Consulting

LMA Asturias Consulting S.L. is an Asturian (northern Spain) company dedicated to the exportation of typical Spanish products and specifically focuses on the commodities of Asturias.
In a short amount of time, LMA’s flagship product, Leo Honey, has become an extremely popular honey in the international market. This is due to its excellent quality, the numerous varieties offered, and its suitability to all ages.
In addition, LMA offers a wide variety of other products: dairy products, which come from the best farms in Asturias; Iberian ham, a staple in typical Spanish cuisine; and extra virgin olive oil, which comes from the lands of León (northern Spain) and helps turn your meals into something tasty and healthy with a color, taste and smell unequaled.

lma asturias hong kong - exportación de productos asturianos en china




LMA Asturias Consulting was established in August 2014 with the aim of promoting quality Asturian food products in the Asian world.

The suppliers chosen by LMA prioritize quality and respect in their production processes, which gives our customers not only the best goods, but also a good experience throughout the entire process.


Hong Kong

In August 2014, the company LMA Asturias Hong Kong Limited was born with the aim of importing high- quality Spanish products.

The promotion of the products in Hong Kong and Macau is made by organizing taste testing in 5* hotels/restaurants. Experienced chefs from around the world easily recognize the high quality of LMA’s goods and feel confident that they are offering their customers the best product.

tfa consulting sarl


TFA Consulting Sarl imports the quality products selected by LMA into the Swiss market.

Spanish products such as Iberian ham coming from pure acorn-fed pigs, extra olive oil and natural honey have received high acceptance into the market. Our conscientiousconsumers eat healthy and natural foods such as those marketed by TFA.

Our brand and image, product, creativity, and innovation are key factors in how we represent ourselves and how we export. With our success of creating a brand within the Asian market we are confident we can aid in the growth of your company.

Our brand, image and product

Creativity and innovation are key factors in exporting.
Our experience of creating a brand for the Asian market allows us to accompany your company with professionalism.