exportación productos de asturias

Exportation of Asturian premium and exclusive products

We export top-quality Spanish food products to Switzerland, Macao and Hong Kong.
Our tailor-made services and practical experience help ease the internationalization process.

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What services does LMA Consulting offer?

We specialize in exporting food products from ASTURIAS, LEÓN, ANDALUCÍA and the rest of SPAIN, to countries such as SWITZERLAND and CHINA, with a strong focus on HONG KONG and MACAO.

Advice for the introduction of foodstuffs in the Asian market for Spanish companies.

Where do we export our products?

Actualmente exportamos productos a SUIZA , HONG KONG  Y  MACAO.

What products do we export?

We export MILK and dairy by-products, HAM, OLIVE OIL, and WINE, however, our main focus is on HONEY.

“Our experience and professional relationship with LMA is very satisfying. They have become a reference partner for our export plan, thanks to their know-how of the markets in which they operate and their ability to get involved in our project and adapt to our needs.”

Fernando Riera

Manager, Lactavisa, Asturias Valleys

“An export project to bring top quality products and artisans from the producer to the consumer”.


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